About Me

I am Associate Professor of Biology at Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta and co-chair of the biology program. You, fellow traveler, have stumbled onto that corner of the internet where you can learn about my research interests and see (and possibly even read! and cite!) my publications. Things to know about me: I get excited about fish. I used to think they were boring and disgusting. Now I can’t get enough of them. They are beautiful in their own right, but are also remarkably useful for addressing fascinating evolutionary questions. I also get excited about evolution. Just ask any of my non-scientist friends, who have made the mistake of engaging me in conversation. I have a PhD in evolutionary biology, and an MSc in environmental genomics, and have spent hours debating the merits between “an MSc” versus “a MSc,” and have made my decision. Last but not least, I am passionate about areas outside of science, particularly religious beliefs, and the Christian religion that I grew up in and practice. I am interested in the historical and contemporary interactions between evolutionary biology and evangelical Christianity, and currently teach a course on that topic. Feel free to peruse the website, and come back some time to say hi. Maybe we can grab a hot chocolate and have a chat about the things that interest you (IMPORTANT UPDATE: I have had three kids since I first wrote the last sentence. I will likely grab a coffee instead of a hot chocolate).

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